Nigeria’s Blogging Queens

sisiyemmie2SisiyemmieIt is so inspiring to see Young women take the Nigerian blogging space by storm and make huge inroads and lots of steady income in a harsh Economic Clime. Looking back on the 2015 year and our famous blogger Linda Ikeji’s real estate acquisition, I just smile in wonder at how dreams truly can come through.

Blogger SISIYEMMIE whose pictures appear above also announced how she is making six figure incomes off her blog with pageviews topping 3.9million views and Youtube views of 22000, She was very generous sharing her tips for success.

In the photos below, we get to marvel at Linda Ikeji’s villa which she acquired all from her effort of typing on a keyboard, spreading great news and gossip on her laptop and being consistent for the last nine years. She has garnered a viewership of over 7.4 million. So if you have something you are good at doing and it has potential to get you an income stream, Don’t hold back just do it.

and her gourmet kitchen.

Nice and Prime views  she’s got, i must say.

Pictures courtesy and lindaikejisblog



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